Palm Endorsed by Gun Safety Groups

Palm Earns “A” Rating from CT Against Gun Violence;
Named “Candidate of Distinction” by Moms Demand Action

CHESTER – Several leading gun safety advocacy groups have thrown their weight behind the campaign of Christine Palm, a former high school teacher who is running for office for the first time. Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) gave Palm an “A” rating. Her opponent, State Rep. Robert Siegrist, earned a “C” rating from CAGV.

In addition, Palm was named a “Candidate of Distinction” by Moms Demand Action, and was endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety and LEAP Forward, two gun safety groups.

“I believe in gun safety for all citizens,” said Palm. “This means: sensible gun laws, including back-ground checks, limitations on sales to those with mental illness, a ban on bump stocks and ‘ghost guns’ and the removal of firearms from anyone convicted of domestic abuse. I support the rights of hunters and those seeking self-protection to own an appropriate firearm. I also believe there is no place in a civil society for high-capacity magazines or weapons such as those used in mass killings.”

In 2016, when serving as communications director at the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Palm helped research and write language for H.B. 5054: An Act Protecting Victims of Domes-tic Violence, which gives judges discretion to remove firearms during ex parte (temporary) restraining orders from homes where there is intimate partner violence present.

“Women are 12 times more likely to be killed if a firearm is present, and I was honored to have been able to work on H.B. 5054, which dramatically lessens that risk during the critical time between when a woman files a restraining order and when that order goes into effect,” Palm said. “If elected, I will con-tinue to fight for sensible gun laws that protect children and students, as well as innocent citizens gath-ering in public places, while continuing to respect responsible gun owners who are not swayed by NRA lobbyists.”

According to CAGV, “grades were determined using responses to the CAGV Candidate Questionnaire on Gun Laws sent to all candidates and, if the candidate is an incumbent, a detailed assessment of his or her legislative record including votes in committee and on the floor and whether they have intro-duced or co-sponsored bills or amendments to strengthen, or weaken, CT gun safety laws. Also consid-ered are one-on-one interviews with the candidates, public statements they have made, testimony, ap-pearances at public events and press conferences and remarks made to gun violence prevention and gun rights advocacy organizations.”

A lifelong Connecticut resident and mother of four sons, Palm and her husband live in Chester and love the region’s beauty, vibrancy and strong community spirit. Palm, who has been a newspaper reporter and a high school teacher, is the owner of Sexual Harassment Prevention, LLC, which works with cor-porations, as well as academic and non-profit institutions, to create better workplace environments. She recently served as a policy analyst for the state Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, and be-fore that was Communications Director of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.

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  1. I applaud Christine Palm for her courageous stand on gun safety issues. With an increased frequency of mass killings in our schools and communities, and the relationship of firearm accessibility to fatalities in domestic violence, it is encouraging to know that there are candidates who are committed to addressing the problem. The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence reports that 90 men, women, and children are killed each day with firearms. How can we stand by and do nothing to promote gun safety? Experts tell us that 90% of Americans support responsible gun laws. Christine Palm is listening.

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