HKMS: Cougar Celebrations October 2018

By Dr. Jennifer Olsen, HKMS Principal.

We recognize students and their achievements at our monthly Town Meetings and want to share these celebrations with you too. The last Friday of each month is our Town Meeting – a time for students and teachers from grades 5 and 6 and grades 7 and 8 to come together for performances, student recognition, and the announcement of our monthly Cougar Core Value awards.  In past years, we have had singers, dancers, gymnasts, jugglers, poets, and more. We can’t wait for your child to share his/her talents!

Our Cougar Core Value Awards are given to students who exemplify one or more of our Cougar Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Kindness, and Perseverance. These Core Values were developed and accepted by HKMS students, parents, faculty, and staff in 2016, and we recognize students each month. We appreciate these students’ commitment to upholding our core values and being role models for one or more of these core values at HKMS.

Team 5-1
Kyle Czarkowski: Acceptance, Respect and Responsibility
Allison Iacobellis: Acceptance, Kindness, Perseverance and Respect and Responsibility
Declan Moriarty: Kindness

Team 5-2
Chloe Felder: Acceptance, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility
Nathan Larkin: Kindness, Respect and Responsibility
Sarah Munz: Kindness, Perseverance and Respect

Team 6-1
Bryce Leiberman: Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility
Julia Lelko: Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility
Colton Merola: Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility

Team 6/7
Mathias Schweitzer, Gr. 6: Acceptance, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility
Keira Sehl, Gr. 6: Acceptance, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility
Victoria Munster, Gr. 7: Acceptance, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility
Rebecca Rosenblum-Jones, Gr. 7: Acceptance, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility

Team 7-1
Jake Cook: Acceptance, Respect and Responsibility
Elizabeth Murphy: Respect and Responsibility
David Sargent: Kindness and Responsibility

Team 8-1
Aurelie Hodgkinson: Respect and Responsibility
Callen Powers: Acceptance and Responsibility
Genevieve Shakun: Acceptance and Kindness

Team 8-2
Caroline Conte: Perseverance and Respect
Serena Doyle: Kindness and Respect
Nicholas Frasco: Acceptance and Kindness

Applied Academic and Fine Arts, Grade 5
Stella Miller (Art): Acceptance, Kindness and Responsibility
John Moyher (Band): Respect and Responsibility
Joshua Frith (French): Perseverance and Responsibility
Tetsuya Imai (Physical Education): Acceptance and Kindness

Applied Academic and Fine Arts, Grade 6
Alexander Richwine (General Music): Perseverance and Responsibility
Brielle Maier (Life Skills): Respect and Responsibility
Caley Napoletano (Physical Education): Acceptance & Respect
Michael Perry (Spanish): Kindness and Respect

Applied Academic and Fine Arts, Grade 7
Reese Timothy (Chorus): Acceptance and Kindness
Riley Gordon (Physical Education): Respect and Responsibility
Owen Jensen (Spanish): Perseverance and Responsibility
Natalie Houlton (Technical Education): Kindness and Responsibility

Applied Academic and Fine Arts, Grade 8
Carey Harwood (Computer Science & Coding): Perseverance
Audrey Wrinn (Physical Education): Kindness and Responsibility
Liam Hoddinott (World Percussion): Perseverance & Responsibility
Brooke Lloyd (Spanish): Perseverance and Responsibility

Eighth Grade Patriot’s Pen Finalists
Congratulations to the HKMS finalists for the Patriot’s Pen essay contest:

  • Madeline Gordon
  • Brenna Lonergan
  • Amanda Ketchedjian
  • Julia Favalora
  • Tyler Perry
  • Alexander Lara
  • Vincent Salamone
  • Catherine Haas
  • Anna Bolduc
  • Abigail Jones

Good luck to each of our essayists. The winners will be announced and honored later this year. The HKMS winner will also be entered in the Connecticut Patriot’s Pen competition.

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