Election Day 2018 Results for Haddam & Killingworth

These are unofficial results from the polling stations on the evening of November 6, 2018 (* denotes declared winners):

#1  Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to ensure (1) that all moneys contained in the Special Transportation Fund be used solely for transportation purposes, including the payment of debts of the state incurred for transportation purposes, and (2) that sources of funds deposited in the Special Transportation Fund be deposited in said fund so long as such sources are authorized by statute to be collected or received by the state?

Haddam          Yes*   3,241      No   404
Killingworth    Yes*  2,618      No   291

# 2   Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to require (1) a public hearing and the enactment of legislation limited in subject matter to the transfer, sale or disposition of state-owned or state-controlled real property or interests in real property in order for the General Assembly to require a state agency to sell, transfer or dispose of any real property or interest in real property that is under the custody or control of the agency, and (2) if such property is under the custody or control of the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, that such enactment of legislation be passed by a two-thirds vote of the total membership of each house of the General Assembly?

Haddam          Yes*   3,202         No 424
Killingworth   Yes*  2,494          No 351

Governor/Lt. Governor

Lamont/Bysiewicz (D, WF, I)*    Haddam   1771    Killingworth   1490
Stefanowski/Markley (R)            Haddam   2516     Killingworth   1982
Hanscomb/Thibeault (L)            Haddam        16     Killingworth        13
Greenstein/Demitrus (AL)         Haddam          3     Killingworth          1
Grieble/Frank (GF)                      Haddam     277      Killingworth      149

US Senator

Murphy (D, WF)*        Haddam    2267     Killingworth   1884
Corey (R)                      Haddam    2221      Killingworth    1673
Lion (L)                         Haddam        30      Killingworth        18
Russell (G)                    Haddam        26      Killingworth        17

Rep in Congress

Courtney (D, WF)*       Haddam    2464    Killingworth  1980
Postemski (R)               Haddam    1956     Killingworth  1510
Reale (L)                        Haddam        33     Killingworth      32
Bicking (G)                    Haddam       45      Killingworth      41

State Senator

Needleman (D)*            Haddam    2054
Ziobron (R, I)                Haddam    2462

State Senator

Cohen (D, WF)*              Killingworth   1724
Greenberg (R, I)              Killingworth    1837

State Representative

Palm (D, WF)                Haddam    1905
Siegrist (R, I)                 Haddam    2619

State Representative

Adler (D)                       Killingworth    1601
MacLachlan (R, I)*     Killingworth    1910*
Leveille (G)                   Killingworth        51

Secretary of State

Merrill (D, WF)*           Haddam    2,152       Killingworth  1728
Chapman (R, I)             Haddam    2, 260     Killingworth   1768
Gwynn (L)                      Haddam          28      Killingworth     24
DeRosa (G)                    Haddam          39      Killingworth      30


Wooden (D, WF)*        Haddam    2,067     Killingworth    1691
Gray (R, I)                     Haddam     2,342     Killingworth    1802
Brohinski (L)                Haddam           46     Killingworth        37


Lembo (D, WF)*          Haddam      2,069     Killingworth  1676
Miller (R, I)                   Haddam      2,312     Killingworth   1797
Passarelli (L)                 Haddam           38     Killingworth      32
Heflin (G)                      Haddam           37      Killingworth      22

Attorney General

Tong (D, WF)*             Haddam       1,884       Killingworth   1571
Hatfield (R, I)              Haddam        2,554       Killingworth   1961
Goselin (G)                   Haddam             63       Killingworth       27

Judge of Probate  

Lewis (D)*                      Haddam       2,584      Killingworth   2104

Party Affiliations: D=Democrat, R=Republican, WF=Working Families, I=Independent, L=Libertarian, G=Green, AL=Amigo Constitution Liberty, GF=Griebel Frank

Updated 11/7/18 7:20 a.m. with declared winners denoted by asterisk.
Updated 11/7/2018 4:16 p.m. to add Killingworth unofficial results.

The official Haddam results, including turnout are HERE.

Haddam was also called upon to do a recount of the Needleman/Ziobron race for State Senate.  This was completed on 11/18/18 with 10 poll workers and about a dozen witnesses.  The difference in votes in this race was unchanged from those reported on the night of 11/6/18.  Nine other towns in that Senate district also had to do a mandatory recount.  Mr. Needleman was declared the winner on 11/20.

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