Letter to the Editor: Fire Dept. Escort for Returning HKHS Football Team

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To the residents of Haddam:

(Dec. 12, 2018) — This past Saturday the Haddam Killingworth High School Football Team went to New Britain to play for the Class S State Championship. The team gave it their best but unfortunately lost to Bloomfield. Although they lost, making it as far as they did was an amazing accomplishment! One to be celebrated! A decision was made to give the team an escort from the town line to the High School. The escort was given by the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company, the Haddam Neck Volunteer Fire Department, Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company, and CSP. The escort started at the town line on route 154 and went out route 81 and up Little City Road to the High School. The escort was to show support for the Team and the amazing accomplishment they achieved! Everyone involved volunteered their time to do this and was happy to support the Team.

It has come to my understanding that several residents have lodged complaints with the Town Hall over this escort. They have questioned who authorized this? They have stated the driver of the truck posted a video of the escort on Facebook while they were driving! And made other complaints about this escort! I will say this to that, I was the one driving the Haddam truck! I did post a video! The video taken and posted was from the passenger in the front seat of the truck!

Furthermore I was the one who organized it and authorized it! So if you would like to file a complaint, please file it with me! I take full responsibility. Do not blame the First Selectmen for authorizing this! It was I who made the decision to support the Football Team! Congratulation to the HK Football team on a great season!!

Scott Larson,
President, Haddam Volunteer Fire Department

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