Letter to the Editor: Munster on Illegal Immigration

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An open letter to Congressman Courtney:

This ‘government shutdown’ is much ado about nothing. Americans overwhelmingly want the border closed to illegals. An illegal alien getting into the United States needs to become a rare event. Whether the ‘wall’ is a physical wall and/or includes electronic surveillance does not matter. Stop the political games. Vote the money needed and let’s get on with doing your job as a Congressman.

What is important is that we stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The only people who should be eligible for asylum are those who apply at a border checkpoint or a U.S. Embassy. Certainly we need an effective guest worker program but it is not possible to manage such a program if we are not in control of our borders. Manual laborers, skilled workers up through scientists and researchers are all needed at different times and industries in our country. But the determination of who gets a work visa should not be a function of illegally getting a foot on U. S. soil.

Most people would agree that criminals, potential terrorists and gang members should be deported post haste. Children who through no fault of their own are here illegally need to be dealt with compassionately but what should this look like in practice? For those illegals who may have integrated into our society and are somehow earning their own way, what sort of accommodation should be made? Do illegals who are allowed to stay ever get a path to citizenship? All of these are difficult questions. We cannot resolve the issues around immigrants already in our country illegally until we close the border.

Edward W. Munster, Haddam
Former State Senator, 33rd District

received 12/22/18


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  1. I disagree strongly with a couple of points made in Mr. Munster’s open letter to Joe Courtney. First, it presents the assumption in its address that the government shutdown is the fault of the Democratic congress. Since President Trump has said publicly that he will take the responsibility, and is unwilling to compromise but will keep the shutdown (or “strike” as he prefers to misname it) going indefinitely, I don’t think the “political games” should be laid at the feet of our local representative.
    Secondly, I think the idea of “closing the border” is to turn our backs on many who are just looking for a better life. I agree that we need to sort out a better path to citizenship and work visas; we should be able to do so in concert with better border control. Yes, the two sides need to reach and agreement, reopen the government, and work toward better border security and immigration practice. That requires compromise from the Republican Senate and President and letting go of the focus on a “physical” wall paid for by U.S. Taxpayers.

  2. According to a June Gallup poll, the majority of Americans disapprove of building or extending a border wall. According to a July Politico article, 58% of Americans disapprove of Trumps handling of immigration. According to CBS News, two thirds of Americans disapprove of Trumps policy of separating children from parents.

    I agree that Americans want a solution to immigration. However, that will take agreement between Democrats, Republicans and Trump. So far Trump and Republicans have refused to seriously discuss DACA and immigration. Trump’s solution has been to double down on punitive measures. The Republicans have not had the courage to oppose him in spite of what the majority of Americans want.

    A $5 billion border wall is not the solution to immigration. The solution to immigration is for Republicans to be willing to compromise on a revised immigration policy.

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