Nathaniel B. Field Memorial Foundation Supporting Therapy for Charity

Written by Christiana Field.

(Dec. 21, 2018) — On Dec. 11, 2018, the Nathaniel B. Field Memorial Foundation, Inc. presented its first annual $1,000 donation to Dr. Richard Shulman, Director and licensed psychologist of Volunteers In Psychotherapy. Volunteers In Psychotherapy (VIP) is a non-profit organization that provides completely private and confidential therapy at no charge in exchange for volunteer work at a non-profit or charity of the client’s choosing.  Since it’s inception in 1999, VIP’s network of licensed therapists have provided over 7,500 free therapy sessions in the Greater Hartford area.  Crucially, VIP is completely managed care-free! This means that insurance companies are never involved and therapy sessions are truly confidential.  Further, whereas managed care companies have cut the number and length of referrals for therapy, VIP has no limit on the number of sessions it can provide a given client. If you are interested in learning more about this distinguished organization, please visit  or call 860-233-5115. For more information on the Nathaniel B. Field Memorial Foundation, Inc., please visit  Our mission is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and to provide hope and support.

In the picture from left to right are Christiana Field, Dr. Richard Shulman and Marie Field

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