Governor Lamont visits Haddam

Milardo and Lamont at Haddam Town Office Building

Governor Lamont visited Haddam today, January 30, 2019. He was in New London and asked to visit Haddam as part of his plan to visit the First Selectmen or Mayors in all 169 Connecticut Towns. Governor Lamont and First Selectman Lizz Milardo discussed several topics, including Tylerville, Higganum, Scovil Hoe, State Parks, Tourism, and Teacher Pensions. They discussed several issues affecting small towns, such as taxes and the push for more school regionalization.

The Governor concluded by noting that Lizz “has a great vision for the future of the Town of Haddam”.

Photo courtesy of john Nork.

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  1. Thanks Lizz Milardo for getting Gov. Lamont to come here. Can’t remember another Gov. visiting here. It must be your statewide political muscle.

  2. It is good to see Ned knows who the important people are to consult with to try and turn this State around! 👍

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